Reliable and flexible

Jaap van ‘t Riet Chief Engineer Qmusic

About Qmusic
Qmusic, owned by Persgroep Vlaanderen, is one of de most popular commercial radio broadcasters in The Netherlands. From Amsterdam they reach 2.7 mio listeners every week. Qmusic’s multi-channel strategy is built on strong, compelling radio and digital content services.
Audio and video over IP are the gamechangers in the broadcast industry. Most broadcasters
want to be as flexible as possible. Audio over IP offers the right infrastructure on which networks
and studios can be built.

Jaap van ‘t Riet: ‘Over the last couple of years, everything has changed from analog cables to IP. We changed our studio a few months ago and there is almost no copper cable anymore in this room. We made everything audio and GPIO over IP. We now have a more reliable system. It’s more cost-efficient and it’s much more flexible.’

By using a SQL database with high availability on two standard servers, one of the servers can
fail, without the user even noticing. And the audio is continuously synced between the two
servers to add an even higher level of redundancy.

Jaap van ‘t Riet: ‘At Qmusic we use OmniPlayer and I’m very pleased that it embraces new technologies like audio and GPIO over IP. OmniPlayer seamlessly integrates with our DHD mixing consoles by using Dante Audio and DHD Global Logics. This gives us a lot of flexibility in our configuration. And it reduces costs. And that makes me a happy guy!’

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