Editing speed is essential

Tom Herlaar Presenter NPO Radio 5

About NPO Radio 5
NPO Radio 5 is a Dutch Public Radio station which serves its audience through news, information and music.
Fast, efficient and flexible audio editing is key for radio. Journalists need to be able to get the job done in as little time as possible. And to be able to edit at any time, from any place. Tom Herlaar is a radio professional who’s been putting out radio shows since childhood . He now works as a radio DJ for NPO Radio 5 in the Netherlands, for the Dutch broadcaster EO.

Tom Herlaar: ‘Our journalists want an easy program which they can start using after just 10 minutes of training. And the software should be intuitive. It should have shortcuts and lots of tricks which make their lives easier. For EO, audio editing is an important part of the radio production process. The SmartTrack editor in OmniPlayer is the perfect tool for our journalists, allowing them to edit items easily and quickly, ready for broadcast or publication on our website, app or social media.’

The SmartTrack audio editor works on a standard OmniPlayer workstation, and journalists only need a short introduction to get started. There’s no need for expensive hardware or extensive knowledge of complex editing systems.

Editing while recording is a key feature. While an interview is still ongoing, another journalist can start editing and have it ready for broadcast immediately.

Tom Herlaar: ‘OmniPlayer provides quick audio editing, in a great way.’

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