Visual Radio

Jan-Willem van Engelen Station Manager NPO Radio 2 en Radio 5

About NPO Radio
NPO Radio is an independent non-profit organisation which coordinates programming of all public radio and online channels. NPO Radio takes care of distribution and broadcasting of all content produced by individual public broadcast organisations.

Video killed the radio star in the 80’s, nowadays radio embraces video. A good example of this is Radio 2 in the Netherlands. The Top 2000, aired in december every year, is one of the most popular shows in The Netherlands. The Top 2000 uses visual radio: when a song is played the related video clip is aired on the internet.

Jan-Willem van Engelen: ‘The Top 2000 is the most successful radio event in the Netherlands. It’s been happening since the year 2000, the change of the millennium. We do it every year, it’s such a success. And the good thing now is the availability of visual radio. Visual radio gives The Top 2000 an extra dimension. The DJs can truly focus on their shows and, very importantly, when implemented via OmniPlayer, they don’t need extra training to use it. Which is always a good thing with DJs.’

Listeners vote for the 2000 most popular songs, which are then broadcasted between Christmas and New years. For Radio 2 video is not killing the radio star but actually complimenting it.

Jan-Willem van Engelen: ‘OmniPlayer makes sure the video is played instantaneously with the song, so it’s lip-synched. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s all alright. You can focus on the show. So we love it.’