We are happy to share the news that Dutch radio station ZO!34 has switched to OmniPlayer. The move of the regional broadcaster for south-east Drenthe to their new studio has been completed with the recent go-live in Emmen. The first broadcasts went smoothly.

“ZO!34’s move to the centre of Emmen prompted us to review all our technical facilities, including the broadcast system,” says Jeroen Mulder, Head of Technical Services at ZO!34. “The goal was to build new studios with training facilities. ZO!34 is a 100% volunteer organization with approximately one hundred volunteers and we would like to have things as simple and reliable as possible for the program makers. In addition, ZO!34 functions as a large breeding ground for talent, which subsequently flows to larger broadcasters, such as RTV Drenthe and Qmusic. We are happy that we got the opportunity to integrate OmniPlayer in our new studios, as it assists in the flow of talent to larger broadcasters. The courses and first broadcasts went smoothly, and the program makers are extremely enthusiastic. With the new studios and OmniPlayer, ZO!34 is ready for the future!”

Talent development

“We are very pleased that, with OmniPlayer at ZO!34, we can contribute to the talent development for RTV Drenthe and Qmusic,” a proud Peter van Klei, commercial director of OmniPlayer, states. “During our conversations with the employees of ZO!34, we clearly noticed the desire to prepare their talent pool for other broadcasters. Because many regional and national channels now work with OmniPlayer, the decision wasn’t that difficult. It is very important for a broadcaster to ensure continuity within their organization. In addition, it is important for all parties that young, talented radio makers quickly familiarize themselves with frequently used features such as the SmartTrack audio editor, VoiceTracking and the real-time MixEditor. This ensures a streamlined transition, which is great for both parties.”

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Image: Radio studio of ZO!34 in the centre of Emmen