Pre-edit my radio show

Dennis Ruyer DJ Radio 538

About Radio 538
Radio 538 is owned by Talpa Radio, the Dutch market leader for almost every commercial target audience, who have captured over 20% market share for many years. Radio 538 broadcasts 24/7, using OmniPlayer to interact with audiences on air, online and offline.

Dennis Ruyer is one of the DJ’s at Radio 538, the market leader in The Netherlands. He is the host of the popular weekend show: 538 dance department. Dennis has seen his profession change dramatically in the last decade, in which technology has become an essential part of the modern radio studio.

Dennis: ‘The radio landscape has changed a lot over the last few years. Nowadays, everything is based on computers. So it changed, like 180 degrees, I would say. The advantages of radio automation, for me, are that you can get a cup of coffee or a sandwich in between the songs. So you can link the songs, and you can really trust in the system that is playing the music.

Earlier versions of radio automation were far from stable. Or they were very limited in functionality. But nowadays, songs, jingles and commercials are all played from a single intuitive user interface.’

Dennis: ‘The radio automation software we use at Radio 538 is OmniPlayer. For me, it’s a tool that I just can’t be without. It’s very stable and it’s very reliable. For me it’s Heaven on Earth. I use it every day.

One of the advantages of OmniPlayer, for me personally, is that you can pre-edit your whole radio programme in advance, before you step into the studio. The future of radio for me is the ideal relationship between man and machine. And what I really like about the OmniPlayer team is that we, as radio DJs, are involved in new features in the software. So we can add things to a wish-list and OmniPlayer developers can implement it in the software. Radio, for me, is like a magical thing happening instantly. You’re so closely involved with the listener, you can actually be a soundtrack to their lives.’