Just imagine: something happens somewhere in the world and you don’t have everything you need to ensure a smoothly flowing radio show.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a show that seamlessly integrates every type of content, especially when things develop while you’re on air? Breaking news, weather & traffic updates, social media activity and audience interaction. This can all lead to on-the-fly changes. Impeccable teamwork between every single team member is everything. Which means having the right tools to ease your collaboration is essential. At Dutch public broadcaster NPO sometimes they are so busy, that sometimes they forget they ‘have a million listeners listening right now’.


In comes SideKick, OmniPlayer’s virtual radio co-host. Basically, it is a comprehensive workflow planner application for everything from programme scheduling to content management. It’s where DJs prepare and navigate each show’s running order, obtain talk-time content and keep tabs on the playlist. And where producers review live-feed content input and provide DJs with related scripts.

During your broadcast, SideKick is where DJ, producer and content come together on one easy-to-follow screen, so every DJ can confidently put out a smoothly flowing show that’s relevant to breaking news, playlist changes and audience interaction. DJs can deliver completely up-to-date commentary at the planned moment and make the very best use of every segment.

At NPO they found out that with ‘one click of a button’ they are updated on everything they want to know thanks to the live feeds for news, weather & traffic, audience communications, social media and anything else you choose. Thanks to SideKick ‘the DJ can continue and focus on the show’, they found out. This way the team always has relevant facts to hand about everything from breaking news to artists whose songs your show is playing.

SideKick is, as far as we know, the only workflow planner to display real-time playlist changes before actual play. And with that, the only workflow planner which gives the DJ a comprehensive live view of all up-coming content in one screen.

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