It might sound a bit weird, but it’s true! Jumbo Supermarkten, the Dutch supermarket retailer that started broadcasting non-stop music with Jumbo Radio in 2018, has now added a great ingredient to their radio station: live DJ’s!

Experienced creators Kristel van Eijk and Daniël Smulders will both make a program. Kristel in the mornings from 9.30 to 12.30 AM and Daniël later in the day, between 4 and 7 PM. Jumbo Radio can be heard in all Jumbo stores, distribution centres and the head office of the supermarket chain. As they call it: ‘nice, upbeat music to work on’ for staff members, and ‘great sounds to do your shopping to’ for customers. Besides the music, you’ll also hear the hosts talk about music, food and sports news. And obviously, all current Jumbo offers will come by.

Cheers to our partner AutoMates, thanks to whom Jumbo Radio uses OmniPlayer as their playout system. Curious about the station? Keep your ears open next time you visit a Jumbo supermarket! Or take a peek here.

OmniPlayer. At the heart of your station. And now also at your local Jumbo. #hallojumbo!