Mediahuis will start using OmniPlayer 3 Radio Automation Software at her stations in Flanders. The international media company will deploy the radio automation and playout system at commercial radio stations NRJ, Nostalgie (Flanders) and ten of their themed stations soon.

‘Decisive in the choice for OmniPlayer is the high satisfaction rate of users within the branch and the clear roadmap the company has for the future. OmniPlayer also offers extra possibilities for editioning within broadcasts’, explains the technical manager of Mediahuis, Luc de Groote. ‘The stations NRJ and Nostalgie, each with six regional editions, will use the editioning function. With this, broadcasters can add onto advertisement blocks regionally and broadcast them simultaneously. We have known of the worth of OmniPlayer for a while now, it is a stable and robust system. The cooperation with the team at M&I Broadcast Services has been great too, they think along with you and deliver a customized product.’

HTML5 Newsplayer
With the arrival of the newest version of OmniPlayer, Mediahuis isn’t simply choosing for completely new radio production and playout system, the company is also investing in a stable, customized future. An example of this is the HTML5 Newsplayer. With this player, news items can easily be read and audio quotes started. Peter van Klei, commercial director of M&I Broadcast Services, is happy with Mediahuis’ choice for OmniPlayer: ‘Mediahuis Belgium is our third major customer in Belgium and we could not be happier to have them join us.’

The implementation of OmniPlayer 3 at Mediahuis Belgium has already started. At the beginning of May, the different themed channels within the broadcasting company will move to the new OmniPlayer system, later this year stations NRJ and Nostalgie will follow.

About Mediahuis
Mediahuis is one of the leading broadcasting companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland. With over 40 national and regional news brands, they cater to over 10 million consumers through both online and offline media.

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