Without becoming too sentimental, we would like to look back on 2019. Because this was a special year for us. A year in which we have made great steps forward. In which we have continued to develop our radio automation software to stay on the forefront of the radio landscape, and a year in which we have welcomed a lot of new colleagues. But 2019 also was a year in which we worked on many occasions very pleasantly with you, the users of OmniPlayer.

For us, the year had an excellent start with Radio Italia being fully operational via OmniPlayer, thus expanding our share in the Italian radio landscape. Next to that, we were very pleased with the start of our collaboration with ACE Medias Tools in France.

Over the course of the year, we continued to roll out OmniPlayer in Europe. We started at Swiss station Radio Rottu Oberwallis and welcomed Micromedia as a partner in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Together with Qmusic Belgium we created an online channel where listeners can choose which song is played next, thanks to our audience playlist participation solution.

But also back home in the Netherlands, new collaborations with stations such as YPCA and Groot Nieuws Radio turned 2019 into a success.

Create great radio

Because we receive regular feedback from you, the OmniPlayer users, we know what is needed for you to continue creating the great shows that are being aired every day of the year. A good example of one of those needs is our IBC2019 Best of Show Award nominated text-based audio editing solution, which makes editing radio items so much easier.

That it is possible for us to expand and develop in such a way is largely due to our developers and support staff who work their socks off day in day out. To steer all of this in the right direction, we also expanded our staff in 2019. Especially ​​our development, support and marketing departments have grown a lot in the past year. Mainly to ensure that in the coming years we can continue to deliver the developments, attention and support that you as users can expect from us and are currently used to.


Whether this is in the form of a successful Dutch user event at a beautiful and unique location on the waterfront. Via our 24/7 telephone support or at a well-attended stand during IBC in Amsterdam. And of course during one of the many one-to-one conversations that we have had with you in 2019 and hope to continue having in 2020.

We enoyed every minute of it.

All that remains now is for us to thank everyone, to wish you all happy holidays and of course: all the best in 2020.