AudioLink advanced audio gateway

AudioLink is an advanced audio gateway installed on a central server to import external sound files and metadata into the OmniPlayer database. Sound files can be imported, and converted (if needed) as new titles or automatically connected to existing placeholders.

Create and assign import profiles

AudioLink supports GPIO protocols like Ember+, Livewire+ and DHD Global Logics. A profile for a placeholder for news can send an IP command to the OmniPlayer Dashboard if an external news sound file is successfully imported in the OmniPlayer database. A DJ will get a News ready sign on the Dashboard. For every import profile it’s possible to assign a separate output and the length of the output.

Automatize normalisation, pitch and processing

During conversion AudioLink can do peak normalisation and pitch. For audio processing, OmniPlayer supports VST plugins like StereoTool (license required).

Import metatdata

Sound file metadata can also be imported or updated through XML files by AudioLink. This can be metadata connected to the sound files or metadata to only create placeholders.

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