The introduction of cross-platform programming by Omroep Brabant, a Dutch regional public TV and radio broadcaster, was a technical first in the Netherlands. Their new simultaneous broadcasting of the weekday morning programme on radio, TV and online channels has been facilitated by OmniPlayer together with OmniVeo.

The combination of these two tools enables workflow to be structured in such a way that the cross-platform broadcast requires minimal additional manpower. Meanwhile, listeners and viewers enjoy a seamless experience through whichever medium they are consuming the content.

Omroep Brabant was already using OmniPlayer radio automation software for regular radio programming. The additional adoption of OmniVeo video means presenters can initiate music and design from the studio, with visuals automatically transmitted along with audio, without the need for additional action.

Tim Zunneberg, Head of Marketing & Communication at Omroep Brabant: “In realising these new programmes, we did a lot of research into the behaviour and needs of the Brabant media consumer, as well as the technical possibilities. The insights we gained have been translated into the new programming, which is very innovative in a number of aspects. The merging of radio and television in this way has never been done in the Netherlands before”.

Carlo van Acker, Media Facilities Manager at Omroep Brabant: “We are very pleased with the technical solution provided by M&I through combining OmniPlayer with OmniVeo. From our completely new studio, two presenters can not only tell listeners the news, but also show it to viewers. Our viewing audience can see the relevant visuals for music and other components such as weather and traffic on the big screens behind the presenters. And it’s all controlled via OmniVeo. ”

Peter van Klei, Commercial Director at M&I Broadcast Services: “We are very proud that OmniPlayer is being used at Omroep Brabant to facilitate their cross-platform broadcasts. We think it’s also a perfect solution for any other (regional) broadcasters who want to save money by broadcasting programmes simultaneously on radio, TV and online.”