We are very excited to announce that RTV Drenthe is the ninth Dutch regional broadcaster to switch to OmniPlayer. With this, the technological innovation that the broadcaster has deployed on several fronts has taken another big step. The first broadcasts with OmniPlayer at the end of May at RTV Drenthe were successful.

“We are pleased that with the introduction of OmniPlayer our radio broadcasts will receive an extra boost,” says Martijn Woering, project leader and audio technology coordinator of RTV Drenthe. “We chose OmniPlayer because it combines stability and user-friendliness with a clear and realistic vision of the future. The integrated audio editor gives our editors the opportunity to assemble items and make them available for broadcast or online quickly and easily. At the same time, our DJs and technicians are happy with the possibilities that are available, including a Spotify integration and a comprehensive mix editor. Besides that, we can rely on the 24/7 M&I support team.”

“It is great to be able to add RTV Drenthe as an OmniPlayer customer. We have had discussions over a longer period, in which not only the current situation but also the wishes for the future were discussed. We try to include input from technicians and program makers as much as possible in OmniPlayer 3.0, which will be released later this year” said Peter van Klei, Commercial Director of OmniPlayer.

Combination of new and old

Van Klei continues: “OmniPlayer 3.0 will reflect many of our customers’ current needs, in terms of security, remote working in times of corona, 2FA authentication, intelligent search engines and simultaneous production for various online media. OmniPlayer 3.0 is also equipped with an open API, making it easy to connect to other data flows, such as music scheduling and traffic. Customers could use the API to create their own thin client, with their own branding, but at the same time existing workflows, the success formula of OmniPlayer, also stay in place. We do not want to impose anything on customers, but we offer the possibility to use new technologies without having to let go of the old and familiar methods. OmniPlayer 3.0 also has extensive browser functionality with advanced audio features, speech2text conversion and visual radio options.”

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Button OmniPlayerImage: RTV Drenthe radio studio