RTV Oost is now using OmniPlayer radio automation software for its entire radio production and broadcasting process. The Dutch regional broadcaster was already using OmniPlayer for its night programmes and advertising. But now the software is also deployed in all editorial workstations, with SmartTrack Audio Editing, and for studio playout.

Jaap Hilbink, Facilities Manager at RTV Oost: “We see that M&I is very innovative and leads the way in implementation of new technologies. The integration with Spotify, the connectivity with social media and the new integrated “SmartTrack” audio editor adds up to a perfect tool for our journalists to quickly and easily compile items and have them available at lightning speed for broadcast or publication on our website, app or social media “.

Peter van Klei, Commercial Director of M&I Broadcast services: “We have noticed that an integrated audio editor is a must for radio stations such as RTV Oost. Journalists do not want to work with separate files, but with titles and projects in OmniPlayer’s central database. Journalists can also continue compiling materials while recording is still taking place in the background, which is really needed in a news environment. This is all possible with SmartTrack in OmniPlayer.”