M&I brings over 25 years of broadcast software experience to your projects. The teams from your organization and ours work together to generate new ideas and according to specified requirements.

M&I offers a range of services aimed at guiding the client through the implementation phase within the organization according to a rigorous methodology. A project manager with expertise in both Information Technologies and New Media operational issues will direct all of these services. He will work with the customer’s Project Leader. He will be assisted by experts concerning management consulting, installation, training and deployment.


M&I standard training can be adapted to specific customer needs. M&I standard training includes User Training and Administration Training.

User Training

The user training is a comprehensive course that provides an in-depth look at all of the OmniPlayer applications purchased by the client. The goal is to train a selected group of users at the station who can provide in-house training and assistance to other users.

Administration Training

The OmniPlayer administration training covers the installation, administration, and configuration of the OmniPlayer system. The main objective of the course is to teach the administrator(s) at the radio station how to set-up the OmniPlayer system to meet their operational needs, how to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, and how to add or change the configuration as their needs change.
This course emphasizes troubleshooting techniques and system performance issues and customize issues as user rights policies, naming conventions and user workspaces.

Technical support

The M&I Customer Support Department provides service to more than 50 mission-critical systems, which are used every day for broadcasting.

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