‘The Only Dutch Show that did happen in 2020’

We don’t have to tell you that due to the pandemic and global crisis we’re in at the moment, all ‘normal’ life has come to a standstill. All of our ‘normal’ moments of contact throughout the past year, from spontaneous visits to (and from) our customers and partners, casual drinks on a Friday afternoon, celebrating achievements throughout the year and our presence at big events and shows such as IBC weren’t possible.

It’s a shame and we’re bummed. Especially about the fact that we haven’t been able to show you all the neat features and upgrades we’ve been working on for OmniPlayer 3. We can’t wait – at this point, we are dotting the last i’s and crossing the t’s, to put out a perfect new release for you. New features that will make broadcasting a whole lot easier and more efficient, included!

That’s why we thought it was time for a virtual ‘radio show’. Recorded in the last stretch of 2020 – making it ‘The Only Dutch Radio that did happen in 2020’, we thought we’d share it with you now. Let’s start 2021 fresh, with some great energy and tell you all about some of our amazing features and nice things yet to come!

In this episode you’ll see:

  • Harold de Groot | CEO & Founder
  • Peter van Klei | Director of Marketing & Sales
  • Alex Terpstra | Executive Director
  • Francis Hooijen | Sales Engineer

Great thanks to 4Elements Media, Amptec and Hof Broadcast for making our first virtual radio show possible.


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