On June 14th OmniPlayer held a successful user event in The Netherlands, with a focus on The Future of Radio.

During the event with over 50 participants, representing the major radio stations in The Netherlands all using OmniPlayer, an exclusive vision for OmniPlayer 3 was presented, which will be released later this year. Many new features and products were presented, based on four innovative pillars:

The OmniPlayer 3 vision was received very positively, in particular the new OmniPlayer HTML5 thin client solutions. Place and device independent solutions for production and live playout offer significant opportunities to adopt new ways of working in radio production and adds flexibility and creativity for the DJ’s and presenters. The traditional boundaries of the physical radio studio are fading away, adding efficiency while making it easier to bring radio closer to its audience. Adding powerful tools for multi-channel publishing, smoothly integrate podcasting and social media publishing with the traditional radio broadcast, augmented with camera feeds, captions and synchronized video clips to complete the visual radio experience.

Additional to discussing the future of OmniPlayer, the event included contributions from two external speakers:

Reinier van Mourik, representing our Dutch partner Triple Audio.

Reinier presented in an excellent way the current state of Audio over IP and discussed some advanced deployments together with OmniPlayer. Reinier showed that, by making the right technology choices, today a studio can be fully deployed with audio and controls over IP, perhaps leaving the only analog connection the DJ’s headphones. Standards-based implementations allow easy interoperability between devices, reduce hardware cost and ads ease of use and flexibility.

Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, expert in the field of Voice & Smart Speakers, founder of the Open Voice event series.

Maarten presented in a very engaging way the current state of Voice Interaction and Smart Speakers and predicted an extremely fast adoption of what he called ‘the logical next step in human-machine interaction’. Consumers embrace the technology very naturally and faster than any previous technology introduction and Maarten touched upon the impact of it on consumers behaviour and radio consumption, and gave some guidance for starting Voice implementations.

Closing off the day with drinks and a nice BBQ, overlooking the ‘Gooimeer’ lake, allowed for enjoyable discussions between the participants from our Dutch radio station customers, being commercial and public broadcasters, both national and regional. Feedback showed a high appreciation for the event, a strong motivator for the OmniPlayer team for an even better one next year and a big thank you to all our clients!