Dutch media company YPCA, De Radiofabriek is switching to OmniPlayer for their entire production and broadcast process. They will use the software for all their workplaces and for playout in the studios of all their stations.

“Right from the first introduction to OmniPlayer we were impressed by all the possibilities,” said Lars Schotanus, director of YPCA, De Radiofabriek. “For our presenters and editors it is easy to work with thanks to the user-friendly user interface. There is a reason that it is the standard in Dutch media. For us this is another great step in the further development of our channels. We look forward to the collaboration. ”


Peter van Klei, commercial director of OmniPlayer: “We are pleased that YPCA has chosen OmniPlayer. OmniPlayer is now also becoming a major player for online radio stations in the Netherlands. The plans that YPCA has with the online radio stations Traffic Radio, ALLsportradio, New Business Radio and the youth platform ZTACK fit in perfectly with our roadmap and innovation of OmniPlayer.”

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