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OmniPlayer E2

Radio automation software

OmniPlayer is a complete, end to end solution for radio stations. It covers all the segments of the production chain from ingest, production, scheduling to playout. Highlights are the advanced built-in workflow engine, multi-platform publishing, social media integration, remote voice tracking and playout of video clips and graphics for visual radio.

New in OmniPlayer E2
Integrated Spotify Client

The power of Spotify under your fader

The unique integration with Spotify expands the station’s music database with millions of titles. A DJ can search for songs within the Spotify cloud database and play those songs On Air as if they are part of the station’s database.
This unique Spotify integration makes the OmniPlayer database the biggest and most powerful in the world.

Pitch, Stretch & Volume Control

With our new Mix and Voicetracks Editor

With the new advanced Mix Editor DJ’s can setup segues between audio titles using the multichannel waveform view. It’s possible to setup begin- and end-offsets and volume editing on each track. Pitch and stretch control including BPM sync can be applied on all tracks to get smooth transitions.

OmniPlayer mix editor


Your virtual co-host during the show

Sidekick gives you all the essential information you need to make a great show. Do you want to know the latest socials of the artists that are on air, Sidekick crawls that information for you, and gives you the latest news.
Our Smart Artist and News API is not only looking for the latest news on artists, but also collects the latest traffic and weather info. The good thing is that you can define the news sources yourself. So that you can focus on making a great show, without making your hands dirty.
Sidekick is the perfect assistant, the only assistant that never complains and never needs coffee.


Flexibility is key in radio nowadays

OmniReporter enables you to record your interview on location just using an IOS or Android device. Your recorded interview is being synchronized automatically with the central Omni database, so that your recording is available in the studio in no time. It does not stop with audio. OmniReporter can also sync videos and photos, which makes OmniPlayer a content factory. And if you want to control your radio show, just use your Ipad in combination with OmniReporter 2.0. The art of making radio has never been easier.

Visual Radio automation

Start Visual Radio Today!

Connect to your listeners online and on TV

The new OmniVeo clipplayer allows radio stations to play HD or SD video clips lip sync to the audio broadcasted by OmniPlayer. DJ’s are simultaneously broadcasting on radio and TV from the same intuitive user interface.
3rd party graphics integration is all handled in the background.

One Click Publishing

OmniPlayer is a content factory which enables radio stations to share content across multiple platforms and locations. The intelligent social media engine allows users to publish titles or playlists to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Podcast channels. Conversion of sound files, adding metadata and uploading content to various platforms is automatically handled in the background.

omniplayer asset management

OmniPlayer Asset Manager

Build, control and check your workflow and statuses

The new built-in workflow engine automates many background functions for multiplatform publishing and file sharing. The powerful status management system allows you to easily monitor the status of each title in the central database and playlists. As an administrator you can use the OmniPlayer Asset Manager to build customized title forms and store metadata for rights management or other associated data.

Innovation and high availability

OmniPlayer is being developed by a team of innovative professionals with an eye for today’s radio markets with the DJ in mind. The server architecture is fully redundant and the database platform is based on the principle of High Availability. Disaster recovery comes as a standard feature, so in the case of any network failure playout can be done locally. New technologies like audio over IP with Dante or Ravenna, GPIO over IP with Ember+ and the OmniPlayer API makes it easy to integrate with third party software and hardware.

Innovation and high availability
OmniPlayer E2

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