Text-based audio editing

Everyone knows how much hassle it can sometimes be to find the right audio fragments. The deadline is approaching. The producer is getting nervous. And you’ve got a whole 90 minutes of material to work through to create a short item. Speed and efficiency are essential. Several good soundbites during the interview caught your attention. But when was it they were said?

Thanks text-based audio editing, these problems are a thing of the past.

While you’re sipping your coffee as your recordings are being uploaded, OmniPlayer’s hard at work turning the words into text. So you can read that was said, select what you want to use and, voilà, all that’s left is to put it in the right order. Fine-tune the whole thing and send to the producer. Completely ready for the broadcast. Naturally, you can search both text and audio to jump directly to the parts you’re looking for.

And that’s not all. During a live broadcast, you can instantly go back and find that fantastic soundbite, clip it out and share on social media. One of the great beauties of text-based audio editing is it can also be used during recording.

Revolutionary solution

This revolutionary solution from OmniPlayer adds ease to a radio editor’s daily life. The ingenious technology allows you to work faster, more efficiently and in a more targeted way. Text-based audio editing makes it possible for you, as a journalist, to select just the right clip from the text to use in your item. After that, it’s a piece of cake to complete your editing via OmniPlayer’s built-in SmartTrack audio editor.

MultiPlayer, advanced radio playout software

Thanks to the availability of faster, better quality technologies and smart API links, it’s now possible to compose radio items in real-time. And have the text version integrated in OmniPlayer’s SmartTrack editor. The audio and the associated written text are now fully linked, with the selected text immediately visible on the audio track and vice versa. The intuitive user interface makes it very simple to mark parts of text to use, as well as marking the text corresponding with a selected section of audio. This has all been achieved through Zoom Media’s integration of speech to text software, with Google for English providing the transcribing ability.

OmniPlayer’s text-based audio editing is unique in the radio world. Brilliant in its simplicity. A revolutional use of technology.

OmniPlayer is always looking for innovative ways to make creating radio simpler, more efficient and more innovative. Our motivation is fuelled by the high demands placed on us by stations, driven by the many changes in recent years. Thanks to text-based audio editing, the way radio is made will never be the same again.