With more than 25 years of experience in the radio broadcast industry, M&I Broadcast Services has become the trustworthy partner for radio stations throughout Europe. Our management tools are state of the art, stable and cutting edge.

We make sure no dead air will be heard

Our most important goal is the reliability and stability of your system, since M&I has always focused on the broadcast environment. The back-up and redundancy infrastructure implemented by OmniPlayer is coupled with the inherent stability of the applications. OmniPlayer servers are designed with RAID-systems to take advantage of storage and processing redundancy. We continue to make sure that dead air will not be heard with our systems.

Everything you need for professional audio management

Audio Import

Advanced audio gateway installed on a central server to import external sound files and metadata.

Playlist Import

Interface to any Music Scheduling System.

Traffic Scheduling Import

Enables OmniPlayer to interface to any traffic scheduling system that generates TAB separated ASCII files.

Multi Channel Publishing

Share content across multiple platforms and locations.

Audio and GPIO over IP

Audio & GPIO over IP


Automatically export and convert titles from the OmniPlayer database to your podcast channels.


Customize toolbars and views.

User Rights

Single sign-on user rights.

Redundancy & High Availability

Automatically duplicate and backup all materials.

Broadcast Reports and Export

Broadcast Reports and Export


‘We needed cloud collaboration to connect our four cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Haque and Utrecht’.

Jeroen Leering – Head of IT FunX Radio
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‘Broadcasting 24/7 with no silence, that’s important for us. We now have a more reliable system’.

Jaap van ‘t Riet – Chief Engineer Qmusic
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The OmniPlayer Radio Automation System can use linear non-compressed audio or ISO/MPEG-2 Audio Layer II and MP3 compressed audio and uses the BWF file format standard.

OmniPlayer can play mixed audio formats and bitrates and also offers sound file conversion to convert one format to another. This conversion engine handles formats such as MP3, WMA, AIFF, MP4 etc.

Effects such as time stretching and pitch shifting can also be accomplished. OmniPlayer can use traditional audio cards, but also audio over IP with protocols like Dante and Ravenna and GPIO over IP with DHD or Ember+.

Open-architecture philosophy

While advanced technology is the backbone of OmniPlayer development, we are careful to maintain an open-architecture philosophy. We avoid unproven or proprietary technology so our clients maintain a high degree of long-term flexibility.

For instance, we have chosen a SQL client-server database structure for maximum power and openness. Also, OmniPlayer is fully integrated into the Windows environment and can run either under Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Server 2012.

Our entire line of software is based on a modular design. All modules integrate comfortably with one another. The end result is a single system for the entire radio station that does exactly what each department in the radio station needs the system to do.


The OmniPlayer radio automation software is designed to keep the technical environment transparent and help users concentrate on the quality of programming. The straightforward shortcut keys, clear user interface and the timesaving dragging and dropping of titles into the application all contribute to keeping the system simple for DJ’s, journalists and system administrators.

Lower costs, greater reliability

This modular approach translates into lower costs, greater reliability and simplicity. Our clients appreciate the ability to start with only a few modules, upgrade, and customize existing modules, without having to change the global architecture of their OmniPlayer system.

Each user can have a workspace designed according to his or her needs. The user’s login account controls which applications can accessed, how they are laid out on the screen, which parts of the database can be browsed, and what files can be edited.

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