Visual radio in just one click? Discover OmniVeo.

Why just have listeners, when you can have a fully engaged audience?

Visual radio application brings a wealth of exciting new opportunities to every broadcaster. Vastly enhancing radio’s audio-led content with visuals to complement everything from music, advertisements, jingles, news and information reports (transport, traffic, weather, etc.) to live feeds from your studio or events.

Adding visuals such as videos, stills, graphics and camera feeds to your audio content results in deeper audience engagement and increased loyalty. Making your channel a more attractive and valuable proposition for all commercial partners such as advertisers and sponsors, as well as on and off-air talent.

OmniVeo is the ‘secret visual radio weapon’ behind many famous Dutch broadcasters

Be seen on every type of screen, in just one click

OmniVeo – which enables visual radio through OmniPlayer – gives you the simplest, easiest and most efficient way possible to broadcast visual radio. It’s so intuitive to use, every DJ and producer who works with it will be up and running right away, without any special training.

Preparation is done by attaching an appropriately edited video file to each relevant audio file. Because metadata such as titles and artist information can be shown automatically, this is a quick and easy process.

To broadcast, simply hit play on the audio track in OmniPlayer to simultaneously air your audio and video in perfect sync, via every medium you go out on. That’s all there is to making your audience’s phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and televisions come fully to life with your station’s sound and look!

Seamless switching between recorded video, live feed and static images

In between playing pre-prepared tracks, fading-up the studio console automatically switches broadcast visuals to your live studio feed, or other default visual of your choice. And if you don’t have a video available for every audio item, no problem. Simply choose a default visual for whenever you play video-free audio tracks, so your audience’s screens never go blank.



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