Database explorer

The Database explorer reflects our commitment to understanding your needs by:


  • Gathering all associated information to a sound file, text descriptions, video clips and groups.
  • Showing the waveform to check the presence of a soundfile in the default Mixer.
  • Providing the fields to facilitate searches according to your criteria.

The Database explorer is the main supplier of data necessary for all operations. This explorer enables selecting, entering or updating title forms with metadata describing the audio elements available in the system.

The OmniPlayer database serves as a “catalogue” of all items that you can store in the OmniPlayer system. Items can be audio, text, groups or macros. You can place items in a single primary or secondary category folder. An intelligently planned structure of properly identified categories helps users navigate to the items they are looking for quickly. It also serves as a guide to know where to store new items.

The Client/Server architecture of OmniPlayer allows a number of workstations to access the OmniPlayer database simultaneously. The only limitation is the capacity of the server storage.