It is becoming to sound a lot like a mantra: DAB+ is just a transition technology while we wait for 5G. This has recently been said again by the authorities in Lower Saxony.

In this German state they have more confidence in new technologies becoming possible with 5G as a digital replacement for FM. This may mean that DAB+ will eventually be stopped there. One of the main arguments is because  the range of channels via the internet is much wider because you are in contact with the entire world.

But whether this is the case or not, remains in discussion. Some see the remarkable decision primarily as a way to maintain the local FM market for as long as possible due to local media corporations’ grip on that market. In other parts of Germany and the rest of Europe, steps are being taken to open up the DAB+ market to the listener. Of course, there are irritations among listeners about the indoor reception of some stations, or that car manufacturers still don’t offer a DAB+ radio in new cars as a standard.

For sure 5G will prove itself as a useful technique, but there is still nothing that indicates the coverage will be comparable to that of DAB+. So it might initially more be a supplement to ensure better coverage in areas where this is not entirely optimal via traditional FM. In addition, a lot of European broadcasters have been working for a long time, with subsidies from the EU, to ensure that 5G will mainly be used to offer linear TV via smartphones.

Analog FM has had its day

If 5G and TV become a success, this does not automatically mean that it will also be a success for radio broadcasting. The only thing that we can all agree on is that analog FM has had its day. That is why it is not so strange that several solutions are being investigated at the moment.

Regardless of how things will turn out in the future, for FM radio a lot will change in the coming years. As a station, you must be well prepared for this. Fortunately, OmniPlayer offers plenty of opportunities to face this future without fear of missing out.

Are you curious about how you can take advantage of the flexibility that OmniPlayer has to offer your radio station? Then we look forward to giving you a live demo when you visit our stand at the IBC2019 show in Amsterdam (13-17 September). You don’t want to wait that long and would like to take action right away? Feel free to contact us directly.