Music library as big as Spotify? Fully integrated in OmniPlayer.

Every track, always at your fingertips.

However well-prepared you are for broadcast, there can be times when you get caught-out needing a music track you don’t have. Breaking news relating to an artist or event, on-air discussions and audience requests can all unexpectedly leave you stranded for the perfect musical illustration. Turning to Spotify to quickly search for, preview and play the track in question is a place numerous DJs frequently find themselves.

Seamlessly flowing music, information and administration. No sweat.

OmniPlayer is the only radio broadcast software which has Spotify fully integrated. You can access it from a window directly within the OmniPlayer screen, so there’s no need to move to another application or device to make use of Spotify’s features and incorporate tracks in your broadcast.

Spotify streams

When broadcasting tracks via Spotify stream, “currently playing” details are automatically forwarded to your audience’s devices, so you don’t need to worry about information gaps. And OmniPlayer automatically includes details of these tracks in your broadcast reports, so your royalty obligations are taken care of without any extra administration.